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An X-Wing Miniatures Game Podcast hosted by the Carolina Krayts. Based out of North Carolina, the hosts Ben Keller, Chris Allen, and Tyler Barnett talk about things sometimes related to X-Wing.
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Oct 2, 2017

Ben deserts us! The bounty is back on for everyone!  What upgrade/change would have to be made for anyone to bother playing primary weapons in arc anymore?  Also, what's going on with the X-Wing community?  Calm down!


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Sep 25, 2017

Travis "The Johnson" Johnson, Duncan Howard, and Ben "The K Doesn't Stand for Keller" Kavanaugh attempt to get home from Canada.

Sep 18, 2017

Actual Content?  JUDGE!!!!


Anyways, followup on a few things, but mostly the Wave 13 announcement, how to nerf Nym and why, and why advanced sensors is such a bad idea for a card.


UK Nationals review and how to git gud


Echolocation pics are in the notes, if you're looking for them!


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Sep 11, 2017

Special Guests, your continental champions!  Also, Crossroads classic hype and nationals roundup!  Is Paul a krayt?


Also, Travis made me promise actual content next week. Boo!


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Sep 5, 2017

Chris, Travis, Tyler Tippet, and Matthew Erbe sit around and try to say somewhat coherent things about NOVA this weekend.  Moderately successful?  Git gud Dion.


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Aug 28, 2017

Ben's back!  Also, wave 12 was announced.  Exciting!  With the Gencon results having had some time to settle, we talk about the win condition of Fair Ship Rebels and similar lists, compared to Rebel Regen.  Is it an abuse of the tournament structure/format?  Additionally, Chris is irrationally scared of Jostero


Also, Reddit FAQ.  If it drops, what effect do we expect it to have on the meta.  Any?  People aren't living in fear of mindlink anymore, but Dengar is a different story!


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Aug 21, 2017

Two parts!

Part one Tyler, Chris, THE Zack Mathews, and Travis effectively chant KRAYTS ON TOP KRAYTS ON TOP KRAYTS ON TOP for a couple of hours


Part two Tyler, Chris, Paul Heaver, and your congenital host the great Chumbalaya and later joined by two very special guests attempt to stay awake Sunday morning in the convention hall of gencon and talk about pretty much all of gencon.


Chris's highlight of Gencon:


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Notes (Uhh, sure)

Aug 14, 2017

Tyler, Chris, THE ZACK MATHEWS CAROLINA KRAYTS PODCAST, and Trav Trav get together to follow up on aces and what makes the game fun.  How are aces different than bumpmasters and advanced SLAM?  Also, we're actually having fun now!  What should you take to Gencon?  Spoiler alert: whatever you want, just draw matchups like a god.


We were very short on time this weekend, so it's a bit of return to classic form


Also, for you Christian people out there, meet up with Zack before the swiss rounds at Gencon!


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Notes?  Where we're going, we don't need notes

Aug 7, 2017


Guns for Hire stuff, I guess?  More importantly, what's going on with Wave 11?  Are we having fun now?  Are YOU having fun now?


We talk about game design in X-Wing.  Is it OK that I can do unstoppable damage to you?  Is it OK that I can be immune to damage from you?  What's an NPE?  What does any of this have to do with competitive play?!  Also, a discussion on control, what it means, and no, it's not just stress and ion, be less bad.



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Jul 31, 2017

Someone leaked a potential upcoming FAQ and it's bad (the changes and that it happened at all).  People are wrong about what makes stuff good and bad.  Also, scum nym is advanced slam on crack and if you think you can outplay it you're wrong.


Here's the maps for Scum Nym with Genius:

Advanced Sensors:

Advanced Sensors with Engine Upgrade:

"That's cute Chris, but that's every possible maneuver, what about the map for just a single maneuver"

3 bank:

Troll Left:


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Jul 24, 2017


Also, wave 11 dropped and xwing is over and everything is awful forever and we hate everything and please god send help someone set us up the scum nym bomb.


None of the stuff we mentioned will be in the notes is in the notes, because we haven't had a chance to make it yet!


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Jul 11, 2017

A day late again, because Chris was out of town doing a store championship in Maryland because that's what reasonable people do.  We only had a few moments to record, but Travis and Chris had about an hour on a car ride to talk about the new Cruise Missile meta, now that everything in wave 11 is spoiled!



No notes!

Sometimes Intel Agent is Fun!:


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Jul 4, 2017

A day late, because July 4th weekend is hard!  Tyler, THE Zack Mathews, and Ryan Farmer attempt to talk Travis and Chris out of doom and gloom for wave 11. Also follow up on upsilons, intel agent, and a whole bunch of other stuff with no real rhyme or reason.  No one reads these notes anyways!




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Jun 26, 2017


Travis reports from Russia!  The famed illegal list bounty is filled!  Why is everyone terrible at making lists?


We talk about list building, why and how Kylo and Intel agent are terrifying cards you should probably be using (even if it means playing imperials), and how they lead to "single-player" games, ones in which your opponent thinks they are still playing the game but in actuality you're the only one making decisions.




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Jun 19, 2017

Hey's it Father's Day, and the KRAYTIVERSARY!  We get to talk to daddy, but more importantly, the Scurrg, goddammit.  Goddammit, the Scurrg. 


Experimental Interface Jumpmaster Bomb Map(Bombs also fill the black squares):



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Cheating on Stream:

Jun 12, 2017

Ben, Chris, Tyler, THE Zack Mathews, and Travis "The Johnson" Johnson are called by longtime fan Tyler "Starslinger72 'The Hero of The Empire {The Only Guy Dumb Enough to Take Imperials To Worlds}'" Tippett and talk about

  • FFG doesn't give a shit about epic
  • The meaningless FAQ
  • How bad TIE Fighters are
  • The Auzicvkczkkzuczkc Cruiser
  • Stop Complaining about Jumpmasters and Mindlink
  • No seriously, Stop it.

Show notes:

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Jun 5, 2017

Ben, Chris, Tyler, THE Zack Mathews, and Travis "The Johnson" Johnson have a science experiment with a new setup and talk about

  • Mission Statement
  • FFG FAQ/Release Schedule
  • European Championships
  • Timmy/Johnny/Spike
  • MoV is literally the worst thing that has ever happened, ever


Show notes:


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May 30, 2017

Ben, Chris, Tyler, THE Zack Mathews, and Travis "The Johnson" Johnson join long time fans of the show Paul Heaver and Ricky White of Scum and Villainy, who call in to talk shop, including:

  • Just how bad is Synced Turret? (Spoiler Alert, really, really, really bad)
  • Tyler losing to a Firespray
  • Is XWing over? Should we all pack up and go home?
  • Why are the forums so bad?
  • How should we analyze the worlds meta?
  • Seriously, just how bad is Synced Turret?
  • And a whole lot more...

"Actual content" starts at about 45 minutes!

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Show notes:



May 22, 2017

Ben and Tyler are back!  As usual, with Chris and THE Zack Mathews, and Travis returns!  Gathering to talk about nothing, as usual, but also the store champ meta, and how to learn from winning and losing.


THE Zack Mathews Floor Rules:

THE Zack Mathews podcasting from the floor:

May 15, 2017

Ben sleeps through recording again!  Tyler has to work!  So, Chris is joined by THE Zack Mathews, and our listener AND TOP 16 AT WORLDS Travis "The Johnson" Johnson.


This is by far our longest episode, we cover pretty much everything from worlds, the upcoming meta, and where we think the current problems in X-Wing are.  Also, how much better we are than Gold Squadron.


Of course, a discussion about cheating on camera. We're onto you, Justin Phua, note taking is strictly against the rules!  Also, fly casual?  Whatever, just have some fun.


Manaroo being fair and balanced:


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May 11, 2017

Just a quick recording Chris and Tyler take in the car, with some great interviews THE Zack Mathews took in Europe and at Worlds.


Full length Worlds recap next time!

May 1, 2017

Last week before Worlds!  THE Zack Mathews is MIA in Europe, but Ben, Chris, and Tyler discuss:

  • Worlds Streaming!
  • Loopin' Chewie World Championships!
  • What else to do at Worlds!
  • Tactics while playing aces

We also give Dion Morales of the shameful Gold Squadron Podcast a call to talk about... a lot of things, but mostly how he pronounces his name wrong.

And it wouldn't be a KRAYT episode without talking about completely related Magic and StarCraft stuff, so that's in there too.

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Apr 17, 2017

Followup from the weekend of the Stele Open!  Ben and Tyler try to get Zack and Chris to jump off the bridge in shame after being bountied, and we discuss:

  • Loopin' Chewie World Championships!
  • Campaign Against Cancer
  • Fan...mail?
  • Making a judging mega-FAQ
  • Stele Open and meta wrapup
  • Listener 2 and 2.5
  • The meta going into worlds in general

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Apr 12, 2017

Even more actual content?  Chris Allen, Travis Johnson, and Tyler Barnett follow up from Listener One.  What would happen if you nerfed mindlink or jumpmasters out of the game?  Who knows!  Then we talk about upgrades, ships, and pilots that limit future game design across the factions.  How have other games dealt with these cards that prevent new things from being released?  We walk through other games and formats to get an idea of where X-Wing might be headed in the future.



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